Whether you are looking for just a graphic, web design, photography or video service or a bundle of everything, we do it all
We can produce all digital and print material needed for your business
Coming up with a design that will meet your needs is difficult and time consuming. So why not hire us, a professional in graphic designs to produce and deliver a service you will be grateful for in the design outcome and saving you time.

When you go with the bog-standard template you start to look like everyone else, when you have a graphic designer produce your brand material you will stand out and be different from your competition.

Your brand image is what your potential customers will remember. We will be able to create and stick to your brand image and make sure you print and digital media always have a consistent style.
Your website is going to be your main online presence, as this is a key factor to your business, we will custom design and build a website that will work with your branding
The quickest and easiest way people learn more about a business is through a quick glance at a website.

So why do you need a website in the first place? Your website contains all the vital information that your potential customers need to know in order to decide if they want to make the next step in contacting you. Unlike paid advertisement in a newspaper or a shop window, a website is easily changeable and you can always update your products or services that are listed on your website.

We will make your website attractive, user friendly, and compatible on all devices. Especially for mobile users, which is the most common device a website is viewed on. Having a custom designed website which will also match your brand image, will give you a consistency and once again give you a professional look.
Our professional photographer can capture beautiful and crisp images of your business, or capture an event you want to remember
Main reason to hire a professional photographer is to in fact to look professional. If you are a business owner, you want to represent your business through the media you post and want the photos you present, to reflect your business.

All the photos you post on your social media and website should be clear for your customers. Our professional photographer will be able to light, capture and enhance your photos for the market.

Your competitors will be using a professional photographer to capture the majority of their pictures, so maybe you should consider doing the same?

We can capture products, a service, your business to all special moments you want capture such as your wedding or the events you want to remember.
Video is at an uprise, take advantage of the use of implementing videos in your business before you are left behind. Customers tend to watch video more often then read text on your website
Whether the video is being used to showcase your company, a product or a service you offer.

Corporate videos are not only here to show your potential customers what you have to offer, but they will benefit your businesses online presence by increasing your S.E.O. Google loves video, and having a video means it will rank higher, which is the outcome of having a better S.E.O. Is that not a reason enough to have a fancy video created for your business?

Okay, how about, video is easy to share? It’s on all of your social media, it is on majority of websites, and viewers can always share the link too, it’s a quick copy and paste. This will in fact then create more traffic to your business and possibly more customers who will then look at your website to learn more and contact you if they are interested.

Plus, you will stand out from similar companies in your field, be the first to represent video on your business behalf. So how can we help you with this process? We have a variety of packages which will benefit all different budgets. We can do it all, have a look at our work and then get in touch and let’s discuss our next project together.
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  • Express Media House have provided us with an excellent service from the first consultation. The website they have created is professional and clean. I highly recommend.

    ( Aaron Blackmore / Salute Academy Ltd ) ★★★★★
  • Smart design, great quality

    ( Ciaran Wood / CFL Personal Training ) ★★★★★